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IntraOral Massage is a manual technique that works on muscles both inside and outside the mouth, neck and throat. Known for its effectiveness in treating TMJ, it has also proven quite effective in working with acute whiplash patients, those with jaw-clenching issues, and people recovering from dental trauma. Practitioners who provide IntraOral massage require a special endorsement from Washington State. IntraOral Massage is available as a self-pay specialty service, or may be incorporated into a rehabilitative (insurance-billed) massage.
Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle, non-invasive, osteopathically-based form of body therapy which is highly effective in working with chronic stress, injuries and pains or problems associated with postural and structural imbalances. Orthobionomy techniques are available as a self-pay specialty service, or may be incorporated into a rehabilitative (insurance-billed) massage.

Specialty Add-Ons

These services are available for integration into an existing 25, 50 or 80-minute session. Please see Our Team for more information on who offers these techniques. These Add-On Techniques cannot be billed to your insurance.


Cupping involves the use of Silicone suction cups to enhance traditional massage techniques. These cups aid in the release of scar tissue, lift connective tissue, promote vasodilation, and activate the secretion of synovial fluid in joints, aiding in the release of joint stiffness.


Kinesiology Tape is used to add structural support to weak or injured muscles. Kinesio-Tape is often left on for several days.


Graston Technique is a soft tissue myofascial technique focusing on breaking up adhesions between your muscles and the fascia. In addition, studies have shown Graston to have a significant impact in the formation of healthy scar tissue, aiding with range-of-motion. Contact Eastlake Chiropractic for more information.

Specialty Rates
Orthobionomy/  IntraOral Massage
50-Minute Sessions:
80-Minute Sessions:
Specialty Add-Ons


*Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a $70 fee.*


Rehabilitative Services are billed to insurance (health, labor and industry or auto coverage) using the rehabilitative massage code, as allowed.

We offer a "time of service discount" to all clients who wish to pay for services at the time received. Published Wellness and Sports Massage Rates reflect these discounts on the wellness massage code, and assume payment at service time.. 

In addition to the utilization of specific techniques, the creation and tracking of specific treatment goals, Rehabilitative Services include, but are not limited to,  securing prescription, benefit verification, co-pay collection, delays in payment, writing physician reports, extensive notes/documentation, resubmission of paperwork as required, follow up paperwork, renewal of prescriptions, billing fees and billing service costs, sending out statements, and having further delays in reimbursements.

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