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Focused, three-dimensional massage treatment that uses a variety of techniques and modalities... Our team works to bring you back to full function and less pain.

Do you want to bill your insurance?

We're happy to help!  

Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Confirm that your Health Plan has Massage Benefits.
  • We do not confirm the details of your health plan. Please call your insurer and ensure that your plan not only covers massage therapy, but massage therapy performed by a massage therapist.
2. Get a Massage Prescription.
  • Even if your insurance tells you otherwise, WE require a prescription^^.  We require a diagnosis, frequency, and duration to bill your insurance- assigning these are outside of our scope of practice. Please note that we consider a prescription expired at 6 months old.
3. Confirm who on our team is in-network with your insurance provider.
  • Take a look at the information below.
For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance, click here.
*Rehabilitative Services are billed at our rehabilitative rate.
^^Regardless of what your insurance carrier tells you, Washington State Law requires us to have a prescription to bill any medical massage services.
...all of our therapists are currently in-network.
...all of our therapists are currently in-network.
...all of our therapists are currently in-network.
...all of our therapists are currently in-network.
...all of our therapists are currently in-network.
*Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a $70 fee.*


Rehabilitative Services are billed to insurance (health, labor and industry or auto coverage) using the rehabilitative massage code, as allowed.

We offer a "time of service discount" to all clients who wish to pay for services at the time received. Published Wellness and Sports Massage Rates reflect these discounts on the wellness massage code, and assume payment at service time.. 

In addition to the utilization of specific techniques, the creation and tracking of specific treatment goals, Rehabilitative Services include, but are not limited to,  securing prescription, benefit verification, co-pay collection, delays in payment, writing physician reports, extensive notes/documentation, resubmission of paperwork as required, follow up paperwork, renewal of prescriptions, billing fees and billing service costs, sending out statements, and having further delays in reimbursements.

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