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3302 Fuhrman Avenue E, Ste 110
Seattle, WA, 98102
We are attached to the Pocock Rowing Center, to the east. Enter through the doors with the address '3302' in large silver numbers above.

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P: 206-402-4012

F: 206-588-0795

M-F: 9:00-8:00

Alternative Transportation

MTA is on the 70 bus line, and has an easily -accessible, secure bike rack in front of the building.

Weekday Parking, All Day Monday Through Wednesday; Thursdays and Fridays 9am-5pm

 Just a 4 minute walk away, we have 4 spots in the Lake Union Cafe lot. They are NOT labeled MTA. Upon entering off of Eastlake, park in any spot labelled "LUC" on the ground (avoid the few spots that have specific signage posted). 

You will sign in at MTA with the make, model, and license plate number of your vehicle.

Please note: These spots are for the duration of your visit at MTA ONLY. Our neighbors are being very gracious in letting it be 'roughly' four cars, since that's how many treatment rooms we have. They understand that it may be a few more during the 'turnover' time. Cars parking in this lot past 5:15 on Thursdays or Fridays risk being towed.

You are welcome to find street parking as well. Please see the neighborhood map below for our suggestions. 

Evenings after 5pm and Weekend Parking

Street Parking is your best bet weekday evenings and weekends. In addition to the time-limited spots in front of our building, parking can usually be found within a 5-minute walk on Fairview Avenue, as well as on Fuhrman Avenue, east of Eastlake. We've highlighted the best areas to look for street parking in blue.


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If you need immediate assistance during business hours, please call.
*Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a $70 fee.*

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