Diana Thompson, LMT not only has her part-time private practice based in our clinic, she is also an honorary member of Team MTA. Please contact her directly to schedule.

Independent Business/

I am a massage therapist, educator, author, research consultant and volunteer.


I believe massage makes a difference in the lives of those we touch. The goal in my private practice is to assist people in discovering ease and comfort in daily movement, and to provide strategies to recover from surgery, illness and injuries.

I believe that teaching is about stimulating curiosity and creating an appetite for discovery. My goal as an educator and

an author is to do more than impart information and teach routines, but rather to provide students with the skills to solve problems and encourage the desire to seek solutions on their own.  


I believe that research is vital to advancing the massage profession. As a research consultant, my goal is to ensure the massage research protocols represent massage as it is practiced, and that the results provide information useful for massage therapists and our clients.  

As a volunteer, I am dedicated to the work of the Massage Therapy Foundation. I advocate for organizations that provide massage to people in need, and I believe in cultivating research literacy and capacity within the massage profession.

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